What channel is the Bengals and Cardinals game?

Arizona Cardinals v Cincinnati Bengals
Arizona Cardinals v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals are hoping to get back into the win column when they head to Glendale to face the Arizona Cardinals in Week 5. Both teams are 1-3, which was not what people thought would be the case when these two teams met up.

The Cardinals were supposed to be bad this year but they've been feisty in all of their games so far. They've kept two of their three losses close. The Bengals can't say the same thing, as they've only kept one loss close and that came in garbage time.

Simply put, the Cardinals have been outplaying the Bengals so far this season. Yes, the Bengals are the better team on paper but that doesn't matter come Sunday. What matters is what the score is when the final whistle blows.

What channel can I watch the Bengals/Cardinals game on?

This week's game is airing on FOX, marking the second straight week that the Bengals will be playing on FOX. They'll be in the late window of games on Sunday too with a 4:05 EST kickoff, which is the first time this season that they'll play in that later window.

This is a huge game for the Cincinnati Bengals because a loss might very well sink their season and their Super Bowl hopes. Sitting at 1-4 when you were supposed to be a Super Bowl contender would be a massive disappointment but sometimes, that's just the way things play out.

A 2-3 record would still mean the team has a hole to climb out of but it could put them in a position where they're at .500 when their Week 7 bye rolls around. That should be the goal at this point.