When is the 2024 NFL Draft?

2012 NFL Draft - First Round
2012 NFL Draft - First Round / Chris Chambers/GettyImages

The NFL Draft allows teams to select players out of college to help their team fill holes and improve their roster. Whether teams want to add a player to a position of need or simply go with the best player available on the board, that's up to them. That's the magic of the draft.

The NFL used to always have the draft in New York City but changed that in 2015 when they held it in Chicago. Since then, the draft has been held in Philadelphia, Dallas, Cleveland, Las Vegas, and Kansas City. Next year's draft is set to take place in Detroit. It's been fun getting to see different cities host the event and put their own spin on it.

We know the location of the 2024 draft but when exactly will it take place?

2024 NFL Draft dates

The draft is nearly always held during the final weekend of April and this year's event will be no exception.

The 2024 NFL Draft will be held from April 25 to April 27. The first round of the draft will be held on Thursday, April 25 with the second and third rounds occuring on Friday, April 26 and the final four rounds taking place on Saturday, April 27.

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