Which Wild Card team would the Bengals prefer to face?

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens / Tasos Katopodis/GettyImages

Now that we’re looking toward Week 18, Damar Hamlin is still in our thoughts. Thankfully he is taking a turn for the better. As it stands with the many possible outcomes the Cincinnati Bengals could get the two or three seed, thanks to the handy ESPN Playoff Machine.

Of these possible seeding outcomes the Bengals could play three different teams. Either they’ll host the Patriots as the two seed, or the Ravens or Chargers as the three seed. So, which of these teams would our boys prefer to face?

Which Wild Card team is the best match-up for the Bengals?

Firstly, with as good as they have looked as of late I don’t think Cincy should be afraid to face any team. However, there are teams who pose a more significant threat than others. For instance, no one wants a piece of the Chargers right now.

They have not lost since Dec. 4th, to the Raiders a month ago. Now they look like the team everyone expected them to look like at the beginning of the season as they head into Week 18 against Denver they remain healthy

On any given Sunday you never know what can happen and division games are always tough, but the Chargers should take care of business and win earning them the five seed and avoiding a trip to the jungle.

If both the Chiefs and Bills lose, then Cincinnati would host the Patriots in a rematch of Week 16. This would be a more ideal matchup than the Chargers, but it would still be tough. Everyone saw our boys almost blow it against them, going up 22-0 only to win 22-18.

New England’s defense is a menace and poses several threats to any team that might run up against them. However, their offense and decision to have a defensive-minded coach call offensive plays are what has been the Patriots undoing all season. Mac Jones looked good last season, at least for a rookie, and now it looks like he has regressed.

More like is the absence of Josh McDaniels, and having the offensive plays called by Matt Patricia have really hindered not only Jones but the entire offense. Given the opportunity for a rematch, the Bengals should take care of business but that New England defense could be the spoiler.

The likeliest scenario for the AFC playoff picture ends with the Ravens coming to the Jungle for back-to-back games in Cincinnati. This would also be the most ideal matchup for Cincy. The Ravens have been ravaged by injuries yet again, though not as badly as in 2021.

Lamar Jackson is doubtful for this Sunday’s Week-18 game. But there is a worry that Jackson won’t be back for the Wild Card round. If not Tyler Huntley would have to play Cincy two weeks in a row on the road, which doesn’t bode well for him.

Even if Lamar Jackson is able to come back for Wild Card weekend he probably won’t be 100 percent. Granted, Ravens fans would prefer a less than 100 percent Jackson rather than a fully healthy Huntley given how he has looked lately.

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Either way, the Bengals would most like want this matchup of the three potential matchups. The Ravens have looked the worst of the three as of late and their no. 1 quarterback will either not play or play not fully healthy.

Who do you want the Bengals to face on Wild Card weekend?