Who is playing on Monday Night Football?

Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Week 1 is almost in the books but there's one more game left to be played and it's the Monday night football match-up. The NFL waited until the final game of the weekend to give us one of the spiciest match-ups of the week, as it'll be the Buffalo Bills visiting the New York Jets on Monday Night Football.

The Bills are once again entering the season as a Super Bowl contender after falling short the past few years. People aren't as high on them as they were a year ago but make no mistake, as long as Josh Allen is quarterbacking the Bills, they're going to be in the Super Bowl conversations.

The Jets weren't a Super Bowl contender before but they are this year. That's because they traded for future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers over the offseason. The Jets already had a strong defense last year but now throwing Rodgers into the offense, that team is going to be a playoff contender at the very least.

Bills vs Jets on Monday Night Football

This was a great game to open up the Monday Night Football schedule as it pits two AFC East rivals against each other and both have Super Bowl aspirations. The winner sits tied for first place in the division with the Miami Dolphins while the other drops to 0-1 and will share the cellar of the division with the New England Patriots.

Buckle up -- This one should be a lot of fun.

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