A lot of winners and only 1 loser in Bengals' Week 8 win vs. 49ers

  • Guess who for the loser?
  • Burrow, Chase, and Wilson among the winners
Cincinnati Bengals tight end Irv Smith Jr. (81) catches a pass in practice before the NFL game
Cincinnati Bengals tight end Irv Smith Jr. (81) catches a pass in practice before the NFL game / Albert Cesare/The Enquier / USA TODAY
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The Cincinnati Bengals did it! They finally got over .500 for the first time this season! Hooray! To get to 4-3, the Bengals took care of business against the San Francisco 49ers, handing the Niners their third straight loss and definitely making that fan base panic in the same way that Bengals fans were panicking at the beginning of the season.

While yes, the Bengals are still in last in the division (or tied with the Browns and Steelers for second place, depending on how you look at the standings), it's definitely feeling like this team is becoming more like the teams we've watched the past two years during this win streak. Joe Burrow is back to scrambling, the defense is playing tremendously, and the run game -- yes, the abysmal run game -- even made plays!

With another win in the books, let's take a look at the winners and losers from this game. We'll start with the losers.

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Irv Smith Jr.

Y'all saw this one coming, didn't you? The ever-so-popular Irv Smith Jr. biffed the Bengals' chances of doubling up on points ahead of half time when Joe Burrow threw to him and he then proceeded to fumble the football. The 49ers defense recovered and there went the Bengals' chances at adding points ahead of half time.

Fortunately, this didn't end up costing the Bengals the game but could you imagine if it had? Smith is not a popular name in Cincinnati right now and this further cements why the Bengals need to add a tight end before the trade deadline. If they're not going to do that, the least they can do is try rolling out another tight end already on the roster.