Here's what Zac Taylor said about Bengals going 1-5 in AFC North

It took until the final week of the season for the Bengals to get their first division win.
Indianapolis Colts v Cincinnati Bengals
Indianapolis Colts v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The Cincinnati Bengals' 2023 season has come to an end and they finished with a 9-8 record. The Bengals managed to secure a winning record and did so despite only winning one game in the AFC North during the 2023 season. That win came on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns, who were resting the majority of their starters.

Zac Taylor has struggled against the AFC North since joining the Bengals in 2019, winning just 10 games against the division during that time (11 if you count the win over the Ravens in the playoffs last year).

Simply put - The Bengals need to be better against the AFC North if they want to be taken seriously down the stretch. Taylor is well-aware of this too, noting that it's not acceptable to have a 1-5 record in the division.

Zac Taylor: "Going 1-5 is in no way shape or form acceptable"

The Bengals started their season with two straight losses right out of the gate and those losses were against the Browns and Ravens. Just like that, they were in the hole in the overall standings and in the division. They never really recovered after that slow start and dropped to 0-3 in the division when they faced the Ravens in Week 11.

While the Bengals are in the only division that saw all four teams earn a winning record (per NFL Red Zone's broadcast, that hasn't happened since the 1930s), they have to be better against their divisional foes if they want to make a Super Bowl run next season.


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