Zac Taylor has the perfect mentality for upcoming matchup with Chiefs

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Kirk Irwin/GettyImages

A lot will be said about the way the Cincinnati Bengals have had Kansas City's number dating back to last season. It makes sense but Zac Taylor doesn't care about any of that.

When asked about the Bengals' current three-game win streak against the Chiefs, Taylor kept it simple -- "We've got to beat them one time in a row."

This is a great way of looking at things here. Yes, it'd be easy to point to the three straight wins the stripes have against the Chiefs but that's stupid. Every game has different circumstances and just because Cincinnati has won the past three games doesn't mean they'll get a fourth straight win.

Zac Taylor has the right mindset entering the AFC Championship Game.

Taylor has the right attitude here. Win this game and the Bengals are back in the Super Bowl. Don't think of like you have to beat a team for the fourth straight time. The slates are wiped clean for this one.

These teams have played tightly contested games in each of the last three outings (we don't need to talk about that 2018 one because it was an entirely different era of Bengals football) and that means if one thing doesn't go Cincinnati's way, the Chiefs could pull this one out.

A lot of fans are confident -- and that's okay -- but I like the way Taylor is attacking this week. It's one game in a row, not four. Who cares about the past three matchups?

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One time in a row. Let's do it!