Chris Henry to Re-Sign…Sigh


Yes, Chris Henry is back in Cincinnati and our ongoing coverage continues.

The Chickster calls the club’s decision to bring back Henry “unthinkable, unimaginable and incomprehensible.” He traces the shifting path of comments from the team that preceded Henry’s return.

The Blitz says the Henry signing screams of desperation. Obviously, I agree.

WDR thinks Henry’s return could be the beginning of the end for Marvin Lewis in Cincy.

"In a move that will no doubt strip all remaining leverage that Marvin Lewis had left in the locker room, Henry’s return marks another chapter in this franchise’s insane refusal to run a NFL organization with any sign of intelligence."

No argument there. It’s worth adding here that late last night,’s Geoff Hobson made an oblique reference to a possible rift between Lewis and Brown over Henry in his initial report (scroll down to the previous blog entry), a reference that’s been scrubbed from the updated story. Doc says Lewis is toast.

"This was almost certainly Mike Brown’s doing. He brings back a guy whose record is bad, whose reliability is questionable and whose productivity last year was not much. All it cost was Lewis’ authority.Anyone who was here for Bruce Coslet’s reign knows what I mean. Once players know it’s not the coach calling the shots, the coach is toast."

Probably true. And I had such high hopes for the season. Oh well, as a Bengals fan, I ought to be used to disappointment by now.

Update: Kirkendall tries to look at the issue dispassionately. La-La-La-We’re-Not-Listening!!!

Update 2: Walter recommends a stiff drink.

"If Chris Henry even jaywalks it will be a 6 hour ESPN special. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if he ends up in one of those high end Covington clubs and makes it rain. I just hope that Carson and Marvin are whole heartedly behind this decision. If not we could be going back into another decade long ice age."

Make mine a double.

C. Trent has the official press rationalization from the Bengals on the Henry signing.

An NFL agent asks Lance:

"They can’t be this stupid, can they?"

Answer: You have no idea.

PFWs Eric Edholm writes that the Bengals are taking a huge risk resigning Henry. Thanks, Eric, but we kinda figured that one out already.

WDF bucks the trend.

Update 3: Doc expands on his blog post with a column.

"This isn’t about Chris Henry, per se. Maybe he’s a new man. Maybe he’s running for tenor in the Vienna Boys Choir. Good for him. Everyone has a right to make a living.This is about how forlorn a franchise the Bengals continue to be. It’s about an owner who hasn’t presided over a playoff victory in 17 years. Mike Brown has put on the line whatever dignity and credibility his franchise has, for a good-not-great player who has been suspended almost as often as not."

That sums things up fairly well, I’d say.

Update 4: Henry will hold a press conference tonight at 7 eastern. It will be carried live on 1530 Homer.