Are Bengals Fans Turning Against Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton?


May 29, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton (14) stands with head coach Marvin Lewis (right) during organized team activities at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The most recent poll on Stripe Hype asked fans if they feel there should be a change at either or both head coach or quarterback if the 2015 season ends without a playoff victory. There seem to be two opinions in Cincinnati on the Lewis-Dalton era.

For those of you that listen to 700 WLW radio or read any of the publications that cover Cincinnati on a larger scale, such as the Cincinnati Enquirer, you may find that personalities seem to favor the Dalton-Lewis era. They offer constant excuses or reasons, depending on one’s point of view, for why the era isn’t functioning to full capacity. One of the more popular excuses/reasons seems to be the injury bug. Some would call them “apologists”.

Then there is the fan opinion poll. To the question, “if the Bengals fail to win in the playoffs yet again in 2015, what would you do?,” there were four answers responders could choose from:

  1. Keep things the same
  2. Release Andy Dalton, Re-Sign Marvin Lewis
  3. Let Marvin Lewis Walk Away, Keep Andy Dalton
  4. Get rid of them both

As of Friday morning, the poll had a much different point of view. 85% of the voters, whether they be fans of Cincinnati or not, said there needed to be some kind of change. The breakdown went as follows:

  • 13% said to cut Andy Dalton and re-sign Marvin Lewis.
  • 15% said to let Marvin Lewis walk away and keep Andy Dalton
  • 57% the LARGE MAJORITY anyway you slice it, said to “get rid of both.”

This poll is still open, and the results will be updated as necessary; however Cincinnati, your fans have spoken. They do not seem to be terribly happy with the one-and-done seasons that you are producing.

It may be a good thing that the NFL has gotten rid of its blackout policy for this season. In the past, Cincinnati has seen that fans are quick to turn away from the franchise with multiple blackouts.

In a state whose fan base is largely controlled by the Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati may need to make a move to ensure fans they are not okay with ‘just getting there‘.

Let that sink in for a minute Cincinnati. Ohioans would rather root for the Cleveland Browns. If a large part of marketing your organization is controlling your area, it may be time for a change.

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