Bengals Owner Mike Brown: Just Happy to be There


Jun 11, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Ohio governor John Kasich (right) stands with Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown during minicamp at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today there was an interview with Bengals’ owner Mike Brown. It was one of the most upsetting interviews I have ever read. Further more, it should be upsetting to the following groups of people:

1. Bengals Fans across the globe

2. Any competitor that has ever had a drive to win

3. The NFL’s League

Brown said, “People locally have come to judge us on our failure to win a playoff game. I’m pleased we’re in the playoffs.”

Wow. Mike Brown is just happy to get there as evidenced by this quote and his lack of success as an owner in the post-season. Why is it just good enough for Brown to have his team simply make the playoffs? If that is truly the case, all of the above parties should be upset for the following reasons.

Fans: There will be no hope for success in the future. If the main goal is to not win the whole thing, but rather to just be respectable for much of the season, what is the point of paying millions of dollars towards this team? What is the point of the tax payers spending millions on Paul Brown Stadium? Would the fans have caved to Brown’s demands back in the 1990’s (when they funded the stadium) had they known he’s satisfied with simply being “in the playoffs?”

Any competitor: Why would you cheer for a franchise that makes a mockery of what you try and do everyday? If you know a team’s goal is less than a Super Bowl win, why would you want to play them?

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NFL’s League Office: The NFL league office has the ability to force the sale of a franchise. At what point is enough, enough? If you know an owner is satisfied with mediocrity (and seems to admit as much), what is the point of having the Bengals in the NFL? Short of throwing a game, not striving for the ultimate prize is egregious. It makes a joke of what everyone else is trying to achieve.

May I remind everyone of something else:

Brown is the slowest owner in NFL history to reach the 100-win plateau, while being the fastest to attain 200 losses. If the history of his “success,” or lack there of, and the statement made today do not convince you that Brown does not care, I do not know what would.

We all know “greatness” and “immortality” do not fill Brown’s wallet… so why would he care about success?