Bengals’ Linebacker Decision: Release Jayson DiManche


Oct 26, 2014; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Jayson DiManche (51) against the Baltimore Ravens at Paul Brown Stadium. The Bengals won 27-24. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

About a week ago we analyzed the Cincinnati Bengalssituation at linebacker.  The team currently is carrying 12 players at the position, but they only typically keep seven for the regular season. For a litany of reasons, we decided that this number would remain and then looked at who would and wouldn’t make the final roster.

The battle for the final two roster spots came down to Vincent Rey, Jayson DiManche and Marquis Flowers.  It was this writer’s opinion that the team would keep Rey due to his production on defense the past couple of seasons and his special teams leadership.  The battle then came down to Flowers versus DiManche.

It was decided that the team would keep the player whom they thought was more likely to be plucked away by another team if placed on the practice squad.  Due to the potential he has displayed and 2015 being only his second season, Marquis Flowers seemed like the player the Bengals would keep.

This decision meant this writer felt the most likely candidate to be released come August would be Jayson DiManche despite the ability he’s displayed given only sporadic opportunities.  It seems that fans agree with this sentiment.  The analysis we offered a week ago was accompanied by a poll.  Here’s a look at the results of that poll as it stands today.

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The poll accounts for the opinion of 646 voters, so draw what conclusions you will from such a sample size, but it seems with an overwhelming majority of the votes DiManche is the likely candidate to be release if fans had their way.

When the actual camp battle takes place later this summer, Jayson DiManche’s best chance to make the team comes with his ability to highlight his unique skill set amongst the linebackers.  Each player at the tail end of this group offers special teams prowess, which is a must amongst reserves.  Yet, DiManche could offer the team a unique pass rushing ability from the linebacker position that the others can’t.

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When DiManche played for the Southern Illinois Salukis during his collegiate days, he was primarily used as a speed rusher off the edge.  This is his unique skill and one that the team could desperately use given their lack of ability to pressure opposing quarterbacks in 2014.  If DiManche can convince defensive coordinator Paul Guenther and head coach Marvin Lewis that keeping him around and utilizing this ability to improve their pass rush is a good idea, then his chances of retaining his roster spot would increase substantially.

Thank you to all who participated in the poll.  It’s always great to hear the opinion of fans and have the opportunity to interact in this fashion.

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