Bengals’ Would You Rather: Dalton or RGIII


Lately there has been a lot of talk about Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Many people have been asking if RGIII can ever get back to his pre-injury form that he displayed in his rookie season. The answer, I do not see RGIII being the RGIII that he was in his rookie season again, at least not in Washington. I do believe that he could however, be a very good QB in a different city, for a different organization. What organization? Cincinnati!

Robert Griffin deserves a second shot! The thing I hate the most about NFL organizations, is when NFL franchises draft players that the coaching does not want. The Cleveland Browns and Johnny Manziel, Vince Young and Tennessee, RGIII in Washington, and Tebow in Denver. Why do it? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

In RGIII’s case, I am a supporter of him going to Houston. He could go home to Texas as well as play for a very good quarterback needy team, but for the sake of the story, what if Cincinnati and Washington made a trade? Cincinnati would trade regular season phenom, but very average quarterback Andy Dalton to Washington in return for widely talented and skilled quarterback Robert Griffin III.

As I think more into the trade it is actually a very reasonable trade that could realistically happen. Washington’s head coach is a man named Jay Gruden, former Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator. Andy Dalton thrived in a Jay Gruden led offense, he had arguably his best season as a pro under Gruden.

Andy Dalton would also have the ability to throw to stud wide receivers like Desean Jackson and Pierre Garcon, while having Alfred Morris in the backfield. The Redskins could then focus on developing their defense as well as the offensive line. RGIII has been sacked 101 times in the last 35 games, therefore developing the o line is a must.

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On the other hand, Cincinnati should make this deal for a couple reasons. Lets put Robert Griffin (whose talent is obviously there) behind the second best offensive line in the league, with weapons galore in AJ Green, Marvin Jones, Tyler Eifert, Giovani Bernard, Jeremy Hill and many many more. Besides the O-line and the weapons, lets add in the fact that Cincinnati has a top tier defense and arguably one of the top coaching staffs in the league.

RGIII needs leadership, he needs a coaching staff to believe in him and he needs a team that can protect him, while still allowing him to play his game. If there is any coaching staff that can get RGIII back on the right track I believe that can be Cincinnati especially under Marvin Lewis and Hue Jackson’s power. Marvin Lewis has taken a chance on many players and it has proven to be the right thing as shown by not only Vontaze Burfict, but many others.

I honestly would not mind this trade, although all Cincinnati fans  will struggle with the uncertainty of if Griffin could be his old self again. We would be trading away a steady QB play for a “what if”. Regardless, RGIII upside is much higher than Andy Dalton’s could ever be.  Robert Griffin in stripes could be the best thing for him.

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