Men in Stripes: Episode 9: Bengals and Reggie Nelson’s Exit

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Men in Stripes had a special podcast first with not only two people talking all things Bengals and NFL, but three people. Co-Editor Matthew Willson was joined by writers Brian Dugan and Casey Sprague, after our very own injury report had Tim out with illness this week.

The biggest Bengals news this week came out of Raiders camp with the signing of Reggie Nelson to a two year contract. The news officially ended Nelson’s tenure in Stripes after what was arguably his best year in the NFL and as a Bengal. What does this mean for Shawn Williams? Could moving Adam Jones to safety be a more reasonable fit?

RGIII had dubbed himself the best quarterback in the game today and said he just needed to prove it to the rest of the world. The guys didn’t so much agree with that sentiment and had a good laugh over the newest clown in the Cleveland circus.

The Bengals preseason schedule came out on Thursday. The guys take a closer look at how this preseason will help the newest Bengals prepare for the regular season, and give some guys an opportunity to make the roster.

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Finally, a spirited segment of picking up or putting down.

With all the talk of trading picks this week. Could the Bengals be a team to trade to move down and pick up a few more picks?

Will Shawn Williams pick up were Reggie Nelson left off last season?

Will RGIII play a complete season in Cleveland for the Browns?

Will Marvin Lewis be the Head Coach in 2017?

If Marvin Lewis is cut loose after the 2016 season (or promoted), would Paul Guenther make a good replacement?

Men in Stripes would like to thank Brian and Casey for their great work and on short notice. We will hopefully get Tim back next week, but join us for the next edition of Men in Stripes.

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