Men In Stripes: Andrew Luck, Bengals, A.J. Green, and More

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The guys at Men in Stripes are at it again, breaking down the latest contract, signed by Andrew Luck, which set a new bar for what Matt called “one playoff win.” What does Matt and Tim really think of the Andrew Luck contract?

Then a number of suspensions were names but the Bengals week one opponent will be without one of their top defensive ends. Will it give the Bengals more of an edge in week one?

A.J. Green made the NFL top 100 list, in fact, he is the highest ranked Bengals player one the list so far with only one week left. Although everyone’s lives are no longer at stake, due to Tim going insane, did he still get disrespected at number 16?

The guys pay tribute to two legendary coaches in sports. Pat Summit and Buddy Ryan passed but their legacy and mark left in sports as we know it will live on.

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The guys focus on the Broncos this week in their way to early season preview. The Bengals will face off with the defending Super Bowl champions. However, without Peyton Manning and without Brock Osweiler, can the Broncos overcome their huge losses on offense and a few key players on defense to steal a game from the Bengals?

Picking Up or Putting Down:

Derrick Carr will be the next quarterback in line for his “monster” deal?

Sheldon Richardson, not Rankin, is out, will the Bengals rush for more than 100 yards in week one?

With the short term impact of Brexit, will it push the NFL out of exclusively London and create more market competition in Europe?

Kevin Durant will leave the Oklahoma City Thunder for the 2016-’17 season?

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