Men in Stripes: Way to Early Bengals at Dallas Cowboys

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First, Our thoughts are with the people who were injured and families who lost loved ones in the attacks in Nice, France.

Tom Brady will have to appeal to the Supreme Court, which we know now he won’t, and hope they take the case if he expects to play the first four games in 2016. Although most fans, and certainly we are too, tired of talking about Deflategate and Tom Brady’s suspension, could he have avoided a harsher punishment. Is this suspension payback for Spygate, since there was finally a player involved?

Our way to early preview of the Dallas Cowboys hosting the Cincinnati Bengals takes an interesting turn when we talk about the NFC East. Who will win AFC East, is this the easiest division in football? Can Washington repeat their division championship? Is Jay Gruden better as a head coach or did we see the true him in Cincinnati?

Von Miller refused to sign his franchise tag, but did the Denver Broncos do the right thing by offering him a 6 year/$114 million contract with $70 million guaranteed? Is he worth that contract?

Picking Up or Putting Down is back!!

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Will the Bengals beat the Cowboys by more than a touchdown in AT&T Stadium, week 5?

The Cincinnati Bengals will feel the wrath of Tom Brady in week 6 after his suspension is served?

Is Tim Duncan the best power forward to ever play in the NBA?

Do either of the guys play Pokemon Go?

Matt will be joined by a special guest next week as Tim goes on his 10th vacation from the show! As Matt said, we will skip week 6 against the Patriots for Tim’s sake, and go to week 7 against the Cleveland Browns. What will be the reaction to Hue Jackson returning to Cincinnati?

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