Joe Mixon has a hopeful goal in mind for his career with Joe Burrow

Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Mixon (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals, Joe Mixon (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

Newly extended running back Joe Mixon has a hopeful goal in mind for his career with Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Fresh off of signing a four year, $48M contract extension with the Cincinnati Bengals, star running back Joe Mixon appears to be feeling pretty good. The former Oklahoma Sooner happily met with reporters before the ink on the dotted line dried to discuss details of the deal.

The first order of business? Celebration. Mixon, true to his homebody nature, kept things simple by calling his family and indulging in Chick-fil-A. It’s certainly not the route most players would take, but it’s what makes Mixon one of the most unique personalities in the league.

Next, as with every major event that involves the Bengals nowadays, the conversation turned towards Joe Burrow. Both Mixon and the reigning Heisman are slated to be in the Queen City for the next five years, tying the two together as the pillars of the franchise. That’s something Mixon certainly doesn’t seem upset about, as he had this to say,

"“He’s [Burrow] definitely going to be a great guy in this league for years to come. I hope I can finish my career with him.”"

Just a few weeks into their first training camp together, that’s certainly a lot of admiration from the fourth-year running back, but it falls in line with the sentiments expressed by the rest of the locker room. One thing is for certain, Bengals’ fans wouldn’t be upset if Mixon’s hopes of finishing his playing days alongside Burrow turn into a reality.

Joe Mixon has another big goal in mind

Big plays, big money, big dreams. Mixon knows quite a bit about all three of those things but the last category in that list is still left unfulfilled in his mind. Cincinnati’s feature back doesn’t just want to end the playoff drought, he wants to take the organization all the way to the finish line.

"“I hope I can bring a Super Bowl here one day… I believe we are building something special here.”"

That’s exactly what you’d expect a player that just cashed in on a nearly $50M deal to say, but Mixon’s actions have backed that statement up. According to the team’s official website, at the beginning of the negotiation process, he instructed his agent to do whatever was necessary to keep him with the Bengals.

Mixon got his wish, and now his bank account looks as good as his stat lines. Now, his focus shifts towards leading the club to the top of the AFC North.

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