Bengals: Boomer Esiason heaps praise on Joe Burrow

Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Joe Burrow #9 of the Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Former Bengals quarterback Boomer Esiason heaps praise on the current man under center in Cincinnati, Joe Burrow.

Add Boomer Esiason to the long list of those in awe of Joe Burrow’s start with the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite an 0-2-1 record, the LSU product has stood out as an absolute star, despite a number of obstacles working against him.

Burrow not only had zero pre-season games to prepare himself for the speed of the NFL, but his offensive line has been virtually non-existent, and the run game has provided little to ease the burden off his shoulders.

Despite these uncertainties, the reigning Heisman has surpassed what was expected of him, and even broken records, something Esiason took note of,

"“This kid [Burrow] has exceeded all expectations. 91 completions in his first three starts, that is a rookie record… He is way ahead of the curve.”"

When it’s all said and done, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Burrow shattered plenty more records along the way.

Joe Burrow has gotten plenty of praise from sports legends

If it weren’t enough for Joe Burrow to get praise from a former league MVP and only the second quarterback to ever lead the Bengals to a Super Bowl, there are plenty of other sports legends that have lined up to say nice things about him.

When Cincinnati took on LeBron James’ Cleveland Browns, the Akron native admitted in a tweet that Burrow was special and had the “It” factor. If anybody knows anything about the “It” factor, it’s James.

James is just one example, there have been a number of analysts giving him pro comparisons to some of the best to ever do it. For example, Esiason himself compared Burrow to Patrick Mahomes before he even entered the league. A few analysts went so far as to compare him to Joe Montana.

All the praise and record-breaking aside, Joe Burrow and the Bengals have plenty of work ahead of them if they are to climb to the top of the uber-competitive AFC North. So far, Burrow is doing his part, but Cincinnati will have to provide him with more support if he’s going to continue to remain ahead of the curve.

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