3 questions Bengals must answer in Wild Card Round vs. Raiders

Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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Tyler Boyd, Cincinnati Bengals
Tyler Boyd, Cincinnati Bengals (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /

Is the city of Cincinnati ready?

This might be a weird question to pose, but relevant nonetheless — Is Cincinnati ready? Is the city ready to embrace success?

It’s easy to be the love-able loser, easy to be the punch line. There are no expectations for the fan base in terms of supporting the team. There have been many seasons since 1991 that you could literally almost nap in then Riverfront Stadium. Plenty of legroom and space to stretch out at Paul Brown Stadium. Is the city ready to make a difference with a different breed of cat?

Yes I know this sounds cheesy, but the home fans can legit make a difference. The question is, are Bengal fans ready to stop selling seats to opposing fans and get out there and make a difference for this team?

The Raiders SHOULD expect to visit Cincinnati Saturday and leave with the sensation that they have just attended a Metallica concert, no earplugs, in front of the amp stacks. THAT is a home-field advantage. Is Cincinnati ready to make life hell for all opposing players, much like Seattle and Kansas City fans do?

If the Kansas City game is any indication, I’m leaning toward yes. The Chiefs game was the electric atmosphere I have craved in the stadium since 2015. It is absolutely invaluable that the home fans be vocal and make a difference where on-field performance is concerned.

All it takes is a false start, a missed blitz pickup, or a missed assignment to make or break the difference between a visit to Music City or another dark cloud over the city until August. This fan base is ready. The WHO DEY faithful sense there is something special afoot in the Queen City and hopefully, it shows on Saturday.

Keep your remote control handy, it’s going to be deafening, even at home.

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There you go kids, three questions that must be answered for the Bengals to answer all our prayers and have a chance to go to Nashville. Let’s hope for the sake of all our mental health that they, and you, can answer these three questions and punch a ticket to Tennessee.