Bengals trade target: Cowboys expert explains why La’el Collins is available

La'el Collins (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
La'el Collins (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

A new Bengals trade target has emerged, as La’el Collins is reportedly on the trade block. The former first-round pick has spent the entirety of his seven-year career with the Dallas Cowboys but Ian Rapoport reported that the organization is looking into trading the former LSU star.

While I already tackled why the Bengals should make a trade for Collins, I decided to get more of a Cowboys perspective on the situation and more information on why the right tackle is on the trade block. I spoke with Lauren Barash of The Landry Hat, FanSided’s Cowboys site, to get all of the dirt.

I asked Lauren why Collins was available in a trade because, on paper, it seems silly to ship a good right tackle in the prime of his career. Lauren responded with:

"They’re willing to trade him because of off-the-field issues and injuries. He’s a great player, he’s just not durable and consistent. There are other guys who are more deserving of being on the chopping block, but they can get a lot of talent for him, especially with several teams needing talented offensive linemen.The overarching thing is that the Cowboys are screwed in terms of cap space. They likely in the grand scheme dont want to let him go but see him as someone tied up with a lot of money who may have to go."

Of course, hearing about the off-the-field issues and injuries led to my next question. I asked if Lauren could go more into detail about both of those things.

"[Collins] was associated with a double homicide in Baton Rouge in 2015 and went undrafted out of LSU as a result. He was also suspended five games in September of 2021 for substance abuse. He protected Dak [Prescott] when a Washington guy had a cheap shot on him  and he was shockingly NOT suspended for the punch but he was ejected.On the injury side of things, he missed the entire 2020 with a hip injury and he’s only played a full season in two of his six NFL years."

Finally, I asked Lauren if she felt like there was a team that felt like a good fit. She basically said any team with a need at tackle should be on the phone trying to land him. Lauren threw in that this trade is only beneficial for the Cowboys if they can get a lot from trading Collins.

"A team would be lucky to have him if he can stay on the field. Dallas should only do it if they get a lot in return though."

Marcus Mosher tweeted that Dallas wouldn’t receive a first-round pick for Collins, so are the Bengals okay with parting with a second-round pick? That might be the asking price for the Cowboys’ right tackle.

While the off-the-field issues and injuries are concerning, Collins is someone who could step into the Bengals’ offensive line and make an immediate impact.

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Do you want to see the team be aggressive and make a trade for La’el Collins?