1 bold prediction for each Bengals draft pick in 2023

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Chase Brown has 1K+ all-purpose yards and 6+ all-purpose TDs

Despite his struggles on the field last year-- as well as some off-field issues as well-- it seems that Joe Mixon will be starting at running back for the Bengals in 2023. Many fans speculated (and hoped) that the seventh-year vet would be on his way out this off-season, whether that be by trading or cutting him.

Those fans would be wrong, however, as Mixon is not only still on the team at the time of my writing this, but also is being backed by Zac Taylor and the rest of the coaching staff as well.

However, just because Mixon is still the starting back, I sincerely doubt they are just going to let Chase Brown ride the bench. He's listed as the second-string HB and I'm certain, unless he somehow extremely underwhelms during training camp, that he will remain there.

In all likelihood, Brown, at least during his rookie season, will be playing a Samaje Perine-type role for the offense, being rotated in for specific sets and plays throughout the game.

Brown was incredible last year with the Fighting Illini, rushing for over 1,600 yards on 5.0 yards/carry, finding his way into the end zone 10 times on the ground alone. Throw in 240 more yards and three more touchdowns he achieved through the air and you can see how amazing his senior season was.

Now, of course, being a rookie and (most likely) playing behind Mixon, Brown will not see the same amount of touches he did at Illinois, but even then he could potentially be given a bigger role than Perine was, as the coaching staff will no doubt want to see what they have in the rookie running back.

Keep in mind, Perine did have 681 yards from scrimmage and six total TDs. Yes, it's also important to mention that Mixon missed a few games, but if he continues to struggle like he did last season, it's not hard to imagine that Cincinnati could eventually make the switch to Brown midway through the year. Even if Mixon plays well, Brown will likely be granted enough opportunities to have a productive season.

Not to mention, anything could happen between now and the regular season. Mixon was given an ultimatum to take a pay cut and, if he decides not to, the front office will move on from him. If that happens, Brown just might be given the keys to the rushing attack if they decide not to pursue any veterans still available on the market.