2 smart offseason moves by the Cincinnati Bengals, and 1 not so smart move

Things will look different in Cincinnati for the 2024 season.
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals
Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals / Jeff Dean/GettyImages
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This offseason has been quite a different one for the Cincinnati Bengals. For one thing, it began much earlier this season than in past seasons. Week 17 officially marked the end of the 2023 season for Cincinnati, since this was the week that they were eliminated from playoff contention after a 17-25 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

After missing out on the postseason, this offseason marks an important one for Cincinnati. Joe Burrow is working to get healthy again and free agency is in full swing with some key players leaving, and others staying. Some of the decisions made by Cincinnati's front office this offseason have been smart, some have been questionable and some have been downright shocking.

Here's a look at two seemingly smart offseason moves by the Bengals, and one move that might have been not so smart.

Smart: Re-signing Tanner Hudson

Many were concerned when Hayden Hurst left the team, and with good reason, since he impressed during his time in Cincinnati. However, Tanner Hudson has proved to be a sound replacement.

Hudson's talent continues to grow, as he had a notable 2023 season. Hudson finished the '23 campaign with 39 catches, 352 yards, and one touchdown. Hudson memorably helped the Bengals secure a win in Week 14 against the Indianapolis Colts with a touchdown in the third quarter, breaking a 14-14 tie.

Also, in Week 15 against the Minnesota Vikings, Hudson had a critical catch on a third-and-one, that gave the Bengals a fresh set of downs in the third quarter when the outlook didn't look so good. Cincinnati won that game in overtime 27-24. Hudson has proven to be dependable, which is why it was a smart move for Cincinnati to re-sign Hudson and keep him around for another year.

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