2 winners, 4 losers in Bengals' discouraging Week 2 loss vs. Ravens

  • Tee Higgins can still make plays!
  • Welcome to the NFL, Charlie Jones!
  • Disappointing new addition
  • What is going on with the defense?

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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Joe Burrow

Burrow was better this week than last week but that's not saying much. The good news is that he did look more comfortable late in the game, throwing two touchdowns and finishing with 222 yards passing.

The reason why Burrow lands in the loser column this week is that his interception in the third quarter was during the most promising Bengals drive of the young season. For it to end in a pick that set the Ravens up to effectively ice the game was rough.

To make matters worse, Burrow came up limping after that second touchdown to Higgins. He said after the game that he tweaked his calf and seemed unsure if the injury would linger throughout the season. For a guy who is normally pretty chill about this kind of stuff, to hear him say "I don't know" about his injury was worrisome.


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Zac Taylor

For the second straight season, the Bengals are 0-2 and some of that blame has to be placed squarely on Zac Taylor's shoulders. The players clearly like and respect him but the play calling has been bad in both games and we've seen the end results there.

The run game didn't look inept yet Taylor continued to stick with throwing the ball even knowing that his quarterback wasn't 100%. It's good to hear Taylor saying all of the right things following the loss but he definitely has played a major hand in these slow starts.