Zac Taylor urges Bengals fans to be patient after 0-2 start

The Bengals are 0-2 for the second straight year.
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

Another year, another 0-2 start for the Cincinnati Bengals. They were blasted by the Browns in Week 1 and this week, they kept it close against the Ravens but couldn't overcome their sluggish start offensively. They drop to 0-2 while the Ravens move to 2-0.

Head coach Zac Taylor spoke to the media following the game and had a message for Bengals fans: Stay patient.

Taylor reiterated that it's only September 17 and there's still plenty of time for this team to figure things out and be the team they're supposed to be.

Zac Taylor after 0-2 start: Stay patient with us.

The Bengals were in a similar boat last year. They dropped their first two games but at least in both of those games, it was a close effort and the defense looked much better. The defense hasn't been the unit we all expected it to be and Joe Burrow and the offense have struggled. It took them until the seventh quarter of the season to find the end zone.

Oh and speaking of Burrow, he was limping at the end of the game and said he tweaked his ankle when speaking to the media after the game. This could be a worst case scenario for Cincinnati as they're 0-2 and might have an injured Burrow heading into a must-win game on Monday night next week.


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Taylor's message is one that Bengals fans need to hear right now but after two frustrating losses, fans might not be in the mood for this particular message at the moment.