3 Bengals who need more playing time after the bye week

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Seattle Seahawks v Cincinnati Bengals
Seattle Seahawks v Cincinnati Bengals / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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2. Andrei Iosivas 

Andrei Iosivas caught his first career touchdown early in the second quarter during the Bengals' Week 6 win over the Seattle Seahawks, which also happened to be on his 24th birthday. With Iosivas finally seeing some playing time with Tee Higgins on and off the field and Charlie Jones on IR, he has looked the part of what could be a viable weapon in the Bengals offense.

Iosivas has the size, catch radius, and speed out of his break to be a vital playmaker and offensive threat for Joe Burrow. He is built like a smaller tight end, yet he has wide receiver speed and route running. However, Cincinnati hasn't utilized him all that much yet. Iosivas is seeing just 14.40% of the offensive snaps.

With all the weapons the Bengals have, I wouldn't expect him to see an outlandish amount of field time. Although, with his ability to make plays and be a red-zone threat, it would be nice to see his usage rate jump at least 10-15% higher, and that could be a trend to keep an eye on as the season continues to develop.

Between Chase, Higgins, Boyd, Irwin, and Iosivas, those are the Bengals top five receivers. Mix in Charlie Jones when he is healthy in specific sets as well. The Princeton product is making itself known in Cincinnati, and we should only expect to see an increase as the weeks go by.