3 bold predictions for Cincinnati Bengals in 2024 NFL Draft

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Tee Higgins stays put

This might not even be too bold of a prediction at this point given recent comments from both sides, but there's a good chance that Tee Higgins doesn't get moved during the draft.

There's been some speculation that the draft is when the Bengals would finally oblige Higgins' request to be traded out of Cincinnati. However, coach Zac Taylor has made it clear that he thinks the Bengals are a better team with Higgins.

“We’re excited for Tee to have a great year for us,” Taylor said earlier this offseason. “We think he’s our best chance to help us win a Super Bowl. . . . I’ve enjoyed working with Tee the last four years and expect this year to be no different.”

An attractive deal could potentially materialize during the draft, but it seems more likely that he Bengals will hang onto the star receiver. Even Higgins himself expects to be back in Cincinnati next season.

"I do anticipate it," Higgins said of playing for the Bengals next season. "I've grown a love for Cincinnati that I didn't think I would. [I'm] looking forward to it."

When the draft is over, don't be surprised if Higgins is still on Cincinnati's roster.