3 players Bengals fans don't want to join AFC North rival ahead of trade deadline

  • Brian Burns and Danielle Hunter could get after Joe Burrow
  • Browns and Ravens already have a good rushing attack, they don't need another weapon
Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers
Minnesota Vikings v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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Derrick Henry

Alex Kay of Bleacher Report already wrote about how the Bengals make sense as a landing spot for Derrick Henry but unfortunately, he also put the Ravens on that list. The Browns and Steelers could also make sense, however, as the Browns are without Nick Chubb for the rest of the season and the Steelers have just been downright bad in the run game (not that the Bengals have any run to gloat there).

Henry isn't the same guy he was a few years ago but he's still pretty dang good and Bengals fans saw that firsthand in Week 4 when he ran all over them (and threw a touchdown pass against them). Joining any of the other AFC North teams would give them a huge advantage the next time the Bengals were to face them.

For the Browns and Ravens, Henry would make them even better in the run game. For the Steelers, he'd take their unit from bad to at least average if not above average. The Bengals' run defense has not been good this year so a division rival acquiring Henry would be bad news for the Stripes.

Danielle Hunter

The Vikings haven't had the season that many were expecting them to and that could mean that Danielle Hunter lands on the trade block. If he does, the Bengals should hope that another AFC North team doesn't land him.

Hunter already has a whopping EIGHT sacks through six games this season, including three against the Eagles in the second game of the year. The dude is a wrecking ball and would give the Bengals' offensive line fits when the two would eventually meet up.

Let's hope that the Browns, Ravens, and Steelers don't get any crazy ideas and add Hunter to their pass rush.


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