3 positions where Bengals could double dip in 2024 NFL Draft

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The Cincinnati Bengals have several needs heading into the 2024 NFL Draft, but some are more pressing than others. They also have 10 total picks in the draft, so there's potential for them to pick a couple different players of the same position. Here's a look at three positions where the Bengals could potentially look to double dip in the draft.

Offensive tackle

The most important player on the Bengals is quarterback Joe Burrow. Burrow has been excellent -- when he's been healthy. The problem is that two out of his first four seasons in Cincinnati ended with him on the bench due to injury issues.

In order to maximize their shot at success moving forward, it's imperative that the Bengals keep Burrow healthy -- and protected. So, with QB protection being a priority for Cincinnati, it wouldn't be at all surprising to see them select more than one offensive tackle in the draft. The Bengals are widely expected to take a tackle in the first couple of rounds, but they also have four picks in the final two rounds, and one of those could very well be spent on another one.