3 tight end options if Bengals don't select Brock Bowers in first round of 2024 NFL Draft

Cincinnati has options when it comes to the TE position in the draft.
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2) Jared Wiley, TCU

Another highly underrated tight end who you coulsee rising on draft boards is TCU’s Jared Wiley. PFF has him ranked as the 269th overall prospect entering the draft, while Mock Draft Database ranks him 207.

Wiley is a versatile player who lined up everywhere for the Horn Frogs. In Cincinnati’s offense, he can play as a slot receiver, fullback, or traditional tight end. The Bengals’ coaching staff always claims they desire players with versatility, so Wily could be a nice fit.

The former TCU tight end is not a prolific blocker. Nevertheless, he gets the job done and doesn’t hesitate to put his facemask into the chests of defensive linemen. Also, his size advantage over smaller defensive backs when blocking downfield is glaring. 

Wiley’s game against Baylor exemplifies what type of receiving threat he could be with a quarterback like Joe Burrow throwing him the ball. In that game, he caught seven passes for 178 yards and two touchdowns.

Wiley is not as good of a blocker as Bowers is, but he is not that far off. However, Wiley is as good of a pass-catching tight end as anyone at the position this draft season. 

Wiley is a player you should keep an eye on throughout the rest of the draft process if you are one of the many people who want the team to target a receiving threat at the position without spending a first-round pick doing so.

Wiley’s skillset may be redundant with the newly acquired Mike Gesicki. But if you are inclined to spend a high pick on a wide receiver or offensive lineman to play behind a starter for one year, then you should be willing to do the same with a tight end selected in the fifth or sixth round. 

If Cincinnati wants a pass-catching threat who they can use as a mismatch in the passing game and who offers good blocking at the point of attack, they should strongly consider Wiley in the fifth round with the 149th overall pick. Again, of course, if the team doesn’t select Bowers at 18.