4 Bengals rookies who could make an immediate impact

2023 SEC Championship - Georgia v Alabama
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Jermaine Burton - Wide Receiver, Alabama

Well, the Bengals 'Big Three' at the wide receiver position has finally broken up. Tyler Boyd, after 8 years in the Queen City, was not re-signed by the Bengals and instead went on to sign a one-year deal with the Titans. For the first time since Chase was drafted, this leaves a question mark at wideout.

While Ja'Marr will likely be here as long as Burrow is and, based on recent history, the front office would sooner let Tee Higgins walk next offseason before they would trade him even at his request, there is no definitive WR3 as we approach training camp. Irwin has solidly been WR4 the past couple of seasons, coming in whenever one of the main three were injured or when they wanted a new look at wide receiver, and Iosivas showed a lot of flash in few opportunities last year.

And, to complicate things further, the front office decided to address the wide receiver position early on in the draft, with their first of two third-round selections, taking Jermaine Burton out of Alabama. After starting his collegiate career with the Georgia Bulldogs, Burton transferred to rival Crimson Tide to finish out his playing time in college there, putting together two solid-- albeit not outstanding-- seasons.

In his senior year, Burton caught 39 passes for 798 yards and 8 touchdowns. Although he may not start the year in the WR3 position and will more likely than not split reps with the two wideouts mentioned above, Burton will get his opportunities on the field, especially considering he was a third-round pick. He's quick, has good hands, and fits nicely in the slot, making him the ideal replacement for Boyd.

While he almost certainly won't have a rookie season on par with Chase's or even Higgins', he will make his mark during his first year in the league.