4 noteworthy Bengals slated to hit free agency in 2024

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Tee Higgins

Even though the prevailing thought is that the team will extend wide receiver, Tee Higgins, it hasn't happened yet. The team could punt on trying to extend Higgins this year, opting to go into the 2024 offseason knowing they will franchise the star receiver. Fans and Higgins will not like this option, but it might be the only way to guarantee that Higgins sticks around beyond the 2023 season. 

At the root of this is who represents Higgins. David Mulugheta of Athletes First is the agent who negotiated the Deshaun Watson contract. He is also the person who represents former Bengals and current Falcons safety Jessie Bates. 

After being unable to find a way to re-sign Bates after the 2021 season, the Bengals placed the franchise tag on the star safety. At that point, the writing was on the wall for a breakup after the 2022 campaign. The team could be headed to a similar situation if they can’t work something out with the star wideout. 


Hopefully, for everyone involved, the Bengals will find a way to extend Burrow and Higgins while also preparing for an extension for the other all-world receiver, Ja’Marr Chase. But the longer time passes without working something out with Higgins, the more difficult it becomes to expect to keep him and Chase beyond this season.