4 significant questions for the Bengals wide receivers this season

  • What will Boyd's role be?
  • Is Higgins sticking around?
  • What to expect from the rookies
  • What about Irwin?
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What role will Irwin have now?

When Charlie Jones was drafted in the fourth round and then Iosivas was taken two rounds later, fans wondered what this meant for Tyler Boyd. However, there is another receiver that this affects who has barely been acknowledged by the fanbase: Trenton Irwin.

Irwin has been on the team since 2019, however, most fans likely didn't know that because he didn't get a real shot until 2022, again when Ja'Marr Chase went down with that hip injury. In nine games, only two of which where he was listed as a starter, Irwin caught 15 passes for 231 yards and four touchdowns.

Those are pretty solid numbers for a player with a very limited role in the offense. He proved that he could be relied on to fill in if any of the big three went down with an injury or simply needed to catch their breath for a couple of plays.

However, drafting two wide receivers might make his role in this offense even more limited. Right now he's still listed at WR4, but with how impressive Iosivas has been and Jones improving on his very quiet preseason opener with a solid day in Atlanta (four catches for 36 yards), they could very well jump over him on the depth chart.


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Irwin still has his worth as a guy who can come in and have solid production when needed, but since these guys are being prepped to replace a huge component of this offense, I have to imagine some of his limited reps getting sacrificed for them.