7 noteworthy Bengals slated to hit free agency in 2024

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Jonah Williams

Of all of the Bengals' pending free agents in 2024, Jonah Williams feels like the one most likely to depart. He played well in 2021 and that led to his fifth-year option being picked up but this offseason has pretty much cemented that Williams won't be back beyond the 2023 season.

Williams had a shaky 2022 season and the Bengals responded by signing Orlando Brown Jr. to replace him at left tackle. The team is going to move Williams to right tackle (a move that he wasn't entirely happy with) but he hasn't been traded, as of this writing.

If Williams plays well at right tackle, he can either capitalize off of that and make a decent salary or he can still push the left tackle narrative and earn a much bigger chunk of change. Either way, it's doubtful that he's back in Cincinnati following this season.

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Logan Wilson

Until he's signed to an extension, Logan Wilson is set to become a free agent when the Bengals' 2023 season ends. A third-round pick in what's shaped up to be a historic 2020 draft class, Wilson has elevated his game every year and he probably won't be a cheap free-agent if he hits the open market.

Spotrac projects Wilson to earn an annual salary of $9.4 million, which isn't terrible but might be harder to afford with the pending extensions to Burrow, Chase, and Higgins. For what it's worth, the Bengals have expressed interest in keeping the Wyoming linebacker but again, easier said than done.