AFC North Power Rankings after Week 14: Bengals claw out of cellar, Ravens fly high

It's much warmer outside of the basement.
Bengals Sam Hubbard (94) enters the field for the Bengals vs. Colts game at Paycor Stadium on Sunday
Bengals Sam Hubbard (94) enters the field for the Bengals vs. Colts game at Paycor Stadium on Sunday / Phil Didion/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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Things can change quickly in the NFL. What has not evolved as fast are the AFC North Power rankings, which have been pretty stagnant over the past several weeks.

However, this week, times are changing. The Baltimore Ravens have the longest winning streak in the AFC and the Cincinnati Bengals hold the second-longest streak within the conference. With the Pittsburgh Steelers losing their footing these past two weeks, there has been a change in the rankings of what remains the best division in the NFL.

Here are the AFC North Power rankings after Week 14.

4) Pittsburgh Steelers

It was all good three weeks ago for the Pittsburgh Steelers. They had just fired their offensive coordinator, Matt Canada, and then they put up over 400 offensive yards against an opponent in 58 consecutive games in their 16-10 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

However, since then, the Steelers have been on a losing streak. This two-game slide is no ordinary “any given Sunday” occurrence. Pittsburgh has lost two consecutive games against teams that had won only two games before facing the Steelers. As a result, those who do not like the Steelers have rejoiced in this fact.

Still, due to various tiebreakers, they would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. They continue, somehow, to hold on to the sixth spot.

Nevertheless, they are headed in the wrong direction. The Steelers have scored the fewest points of any team in the division. They have the worst point differential in the AFC North. Moreover, their point differential is the worst of any team in the playoff picture.

For any Steelers fans that would take exception to this ranking, the Steelers and Bengals will settle it on the field in two weeks. Before then, Pittsburgh must face a Colts team licking its wounds after losing to the Bengals.