Bengals News: Deion Sanders rejection and Joe Burrow makes an investment

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In Bengals news, Deion Sanders claims that he wanted to live in Cincinnati forever when he was playing but the Cincinnati Bengals never called back about letting him play for them. Also in Bengals news, Joe Burrow and Sam Hubbard bought farmland in Iowa.

With the Sanders news, he appeared on the Pay McAfee Show on Tuesday and dropped that he wanted to play for Cincinnati. He noted that the Bengals wouldn't even return his calls. The organization was terrible when Sanders was playing so adding him to the team would have given them a huge spark. What a head-scratching decision by the front office.

Burrow and Hubbard are among a few athletes to purchase farmland in Iowa. It's been reported that this group of athletes is looking to lease the land to farmers.

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Deion Sanders Wanted To Play For Bengals: 'They Never Called Back' [Russ Heltman, SI]

""I wanted to just build a home there and live there forever. We even asked the darn Bengals at the time, which were horrible. Like okay, let me just bring it here. Let me do the two-sport thing here because I don't want to leave, I love it. They didn't even call us back. I'm like, 'I want to play for you. I love baseball here. I would love to play football here so I can stay here all year round. I found a property to go to the lake and I want to do fishing and I love it here.' And they never called back.""

Quote courtesy of Heltman

Thank goodness the Bengals appear to be a more well-run organization now because this is absolutely bonkers. How could the team not want a superstar like Sanders on their team? Unbelievable.

Report: Joe Burrow, Sam Hubbard a part of group buying farmland in Iowa [WLWT]

"According to Front Office Sports, the group will lease the land to farmers for a small percentage in annual return and total investment. "


This is a really neat story going on. Burrow, of course, was born in Iowa before eventually moving to Ohio.

ESPN report: Cincinnati, Buffalo canceled Monday night game NFL wanted to resume [Dave Clark, Cincinnati Enquirer]

"Van Natta quoted a team official as saying, "The league did not cancel the game. The Bills and the Bengals canceled the game.""

Dave Clark

It sure felt as though the NFL wanted to continue the game but the Bengals and Bills stepped up and said "No, we're not playing". It's crazy that the NFL would want to proceed in a situation like the one that happened when Damar Hamlin collapsed but they're a business and wanted their business to continue. It's cruel but that's the nature of the NFL.

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Brian Callahan confirms holding back against Ravens in season finale [Leigh Oleszczak, Stripe Hype]

The Bengals offense didn't look like themselves in the second half against Baltimore this past weekend. Many fans speculated that the team was probably not wanting to open up the playbook due to playing the Ravens again this weekend. Brian Callahan confirmed as much during his press conference on Monday.