Bengals News: Zac Taylor says Joe Burrow will start Week 5, Tee Higgins injury update

  • No QB controversy in Cincinnati
  • Higgins provides an injury update
  • Time to panic?
Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans
Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

In Bengals news, Zac Taylor confirmed that it'll be Joe Burrow suiting up for the Cincinnati Bengals this week. Also, Tee Higgins discussed his latest injury.

No one really doubted that it'd be Burrow quarterbacking the offense again this week but after how poorly he's played through the first quarter of the season, it wouldn't have been shocking if the team opted to let him rest for a few weeks. After all, the offense is clearly limited while Burrow deals with this calf injury.

Speaking of limited, Higgins has struggled to get much of anything going this year. He does have two touchdowns but they both came in the same game. Otherwise, he's been nearly non-existent. To make matters worse, he was injured in this week's 27-3 loss in Nashville.

When speaking to the media, however, Higgins didn't see the injury keeping him out for an extended period of time.

Here's what else is trending in Bengals news.

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The top five needs listed for Cincinnati here are interior defender, right tackle, tight end, wide receiver, and interior offensive line.

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"Joe Burrow needs to take some games off" -- Overreaction or reality? Kerr says reality.

"The Bengals are a mess on offense and Burrow's calf isn't getting any better. Perhaps a few games rest would do their franchise quarterback some good, even if it costs Cincinnati games in the process. The Bengals are losing with Burrow, anyway. "

Jeff Kerr

Dehner Jr.: Find the panic button for the Bengals after 27-3 loss to Titans [Paul Dehner Jr., The Athletic]

"There’s nothing to believe in with this team right now. Nothing to build on. There’s nothing to trust. There’s nothing that resembles the dominant groups that charged deep to the AFC Championship Game in back-to-back seasons."

Paul Dehner Jr.

Yeah, it's hard to argue with that logic. The Bengals have been downright awful in three of their four games this season and they've lost all three of those games. Their defense isn't the same fearsome unit it once was and the offense can't do anything.