Bengals News: L'Jarius Sneed, AFC Championship, and more

Kansas City Chiefs v Las Vegas Raiders
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In Bengals news, Chiefs cornerback L'Jarius Sneed spoke to the media about the Bengals' trash-talking ways. Also in Bengals news, the AFC Championship is here, in case you haven't heard. If you haven't, are you living under a rock?

This week has been filled with trash talk but we have to admit that the majority of it has come from the Bengals' side of things. Hey, the Bengals have a right to be cocky so I'm not knocking them for that but until Thursday, the trash-talking had been pretty one-sided.

I wouldn't say that L'Jarius Sneed really set things on fire much but he did say the team planned to shut down the Bengals receivers. That's big talk for a team that has not been able to do that in three games so far.

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Do Bengals have Patrick Mahomes' number? Not really, though they've had some success [Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Sports]

"Mahomes' mobility could affect the Bengals' plan. Again, Anarumo is willing to change his approach, and he knows Mahomes is dealing with a high ankle sprain. Mahomes beat the blitz a couple of times for big plays in the regular-season meeting, but the Bengals might send extra rushers early on Sunday to find out how well Mahomes can move."

From Schwab's article

Yeah, most fans are expecting the Bengals to send pressure early on to see just how healthy Mahomes is.

Bengals’ best offense might be taking offense: Cincinnati’s Year in Disrespect [Paul Dehner Jr., The Athletic - Must be subscribed]

To be fair, the Bengals did start the year 0-2 and it did appear early on that they might not be the same force they were a year ago. Then the wins started coming and that's when everyone knew last year was no fluke.

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There is nothing impressive about the Bengals offense according to this Chiefs player [Stripe Hype]

I had to include this article by yours truly. The Chiefs haven't been running their mouths much this week but this tidbit made me chuckle.