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In Bengals news, Sam Hubbard has a realistic goal in 2023. Also, what if the 2023 NFL Draft took place now that we've seen some of the rookies in limited action?

Hubbard has been with the Cincinnati Bengals since 2018 when they spent a third-round pick on him. He signed a four-year extension ahead of the 2021 season and while he's been a solid contributor to the team, he's yet to hit double-digit sacks in the regular season. That's his goal for 2023.

Speaking of past draft picks, the Bengals selected Myles Murphy with their first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. If the draft took place in the present day, would they still be able to get Murphy with the 28th pick?

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Bengals DE Sam Hubbard eyeing double-digit sacks in 2023: 'The best I've felt in my whole career' [Jeremy Bergman,]

""I got double-digits in '21 including playoffs, but I want regular-season double-digits," Hubbard said of his sack totals. "I've been close. Last year I was on pace before I tore my calf ... and slowed me up.""

From Bergman's article

As Hubbard mentioned, he did technically have double-digit sacks in the 2021 season but the playoff numbers don't always factor in when people make note. They usually look at the regular season when listing accomplishments from each season. Getting to double-digit sacks is absolutely doable for the Ohio State product.

Re-Drafting The 2023 NFL Draft After Early Offseason Buzz [Matt Holder, Bleacher Report]

Myles Murphy ends up going 23rd overall to the Vikings in this redraft so the Bengals have to find someone else to select. They go with a popular name for Bengals fans ahead of the draft, Calijah Kancey.

"In Cincinnati, he could fill that role as B.J. Hill's backup for two years until Hill's contract expires and he turns 30. Also, Kancey could take some reps as an end in the Bengals' defensive scheme that uses a lot of even fronts."

Matt Holder

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