Bengals News: Tee Higgins, mock drafts, and more

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In Bengals news, Tee Higgins wants to be a Bengal for a long time. Also in Bengals news, what do different mock drafts have the team doing with the 28th overall pick?

Higgins is eligible for an extension this offseason and despite some outlets predictng he'd be traded, Higgins himself said that he wants to stay in Cincinnati. This, of course, doesn't mean that's what will happen but it's reassuring to hear him say he'd like to stay in town.

Mock drafts don't have the Bengals focusing on wide receivers thankfully. It hasn't been uncommon to see the team spend their first-round pick on a tight end, offensive lineman, or defensive lineman.

Here's what's trending in Bengals news.

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Higgins and Joe Burrow are both up for extensions this offseason and obviously, Burrow will get his first. That'll set the mark for the rest of how Cincinnati's offseason will look.

Next. Bengals Mock Draft 1.0. dark

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These two mock drafts have the Bengals going in completely different directions. I won't spoil who the picks are but one would have the team boosting their young secondary and the other would be a new weapon for Burrow.