Bengals Roster: Realistic expectations for Jaxson Kirkland in 2023

Kirkland signed as a UDFA with the Bengals in May.
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When the 2023 NFL Draft wrapped up, the Cincinnati Bengals signed Washington offensive lineman Jaxson Kirkland as an undrafted free agent. Fans grew excited about Kirkland's potential for this team.

Kirkland began his Washington career at right guard but finished as a left tackle while also playing at left guard as well. He's super versatile and that's what makes him an appealing option for the Bengals, especially when it comes to depth. However, he is an undrafted free agent, so his climb to the 53-man roster won't be an easy one.

What should Bengals fans expect from Jaxson Kirkland in 2023?

Stripe Hype's own Glenn Adams wrote that Max Scharping and Cordell Volson could be at risk of losing their jobs in 2023 because of Kirkland and what he can provide.

"However, if Kirkland can show the coaching staff why he was once considered a first-round talent, he could push for playing time in the starting lineup. This is especially so if he can help prevent Burrow from getting sacked 40 or more times during the season. "

Glenn Adams

It's unlikely that Kirkland wins the starting gig but he very well could work his way into a backup role at one of the guard spots. Alex Cappa will be the starting right guard but Kirkland could certainly win his backup job. Volson likely wins the left guard job since he held it down last year but with a decent preseason, maybe Kirkland surprises some people and makes it a battle.


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More than likely, Kirkland either serves as a backup guard or is on the practice squad during the 2023 season. He did go undrafted so that already puts him at a disadvantage but fortunately, the Bengals value versatility on the o-line and Jaxson Kirkland provides that.