Bengals WR Tee Higgins has perfect response to latest bogus trade rumors

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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This Cincinnati Bengals offseason should be surprisingly full of important decisions, considering the team possesses an agreed-upon top three roster in the AFC.

With a forthcoming Joe Burrow extension on the docket (eventually) and holes along the offensive line, there's a chance -- a chance -- that the team could opt to trade from their embarrassment of offensive riches and shop Tee Higgins, in case an opportunity to better the roster presents itself.

As of now, the idea's all speculation. A twinkle in a columnist's eye. But that didn't stop the NFL's Aggregator Bot, Dov Kleiman, from summarizing a recent piece in The Athletic and insinuating that a Higgins trade could happen if the team can't find common ground with his "outrageous" contract demands.

Kleiman found himself called out swiftly by Bengals acolyte Joe Goodberry, who made it perfectly clear that the Athletic piece said almost nothing about a looming Higgins trade.

Cincinnati Bengals WR Tee Higgins laughs at trade rumors

And Goodberry wasn't the only one who had a good laugh at this scenario. It went all the way up to Higgins himself, which must've been a bummer for Kleiman, who was just trying to get those clicks and retweets.

Higgins, minding his own business during the first week of his offseason, dropped off a simple response that showed he wasn't taking the drama too seriously:

Interested teams will undoubtedly call about Higgins all offseason long, and if a wideout-needy club like the Giants falls head-over-heels for him and changes the Bengals' entire outlook with one trade offer, then by all means, things could change.

For now, it seems most likely Cincinnati will run back a roster that was a few breaks away from capturing the Super Bowl two years running, with Higgins remaining a perfect running mate to Ja'Marr Chase. But keep chasing that clout, everyone.

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