Craig Carton didn't hesitate to blast Bengals fans following loss to Chiefs

Tyler Pitzer, a Bengals fan, signals a first down while watch the AFC Championship game between the
Tyler Pitzer, a Bengals fan, signals a first down while watch the AFC Championship game between the / Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

Cincinnati Bengals fans didn't know who Craig Carton was until a few months ago when he said the two best teams in the AFC were the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs. He said the Bengals were a flawed team and might not even win their division.

We obviosuly know that none of those things are true. Yes, the Bengals had their weaknesses like all teams do but they did indeed win their division and proved to be better than the Bills when they blew the doors off of them in the divisional round.

Carton had a lot of explaining to do when the Bengals then came from behind and took down the Buccaneers the very next week. He still didn't admit he was wrong but rather, claimed that he never said the Bengals were a bad team. Okay, buddy.

Following the Bengals' blowout win over the Bills in the divisional round, Carton said he respected Joe Burrow but he clearly had no respect for the Bengals fan base, calling them -- excuse my language here -- "douchy".

Craig Carton is at it again -- What did he do this time?

Well, Craig Carton might have been the most excited person on the planet to see Cincinnati finally lose. Following the Bengals' loss to the Chiefs in the AFC title game, Carton took shots at the fans who had issues with the Joseph Ossai penalty.

Oh and he took a major shot at the fan base by pointing out that the Bengals still haven't won a Super Bowl. That one stings.

I will say that Ossai pushing Patrick Mahomes when he was clearly already out of bounds was 100% a flag. Carton wasn't wrong there with what he said. I guess he wasn't wrong with anything he said here even though it's painful that the Bengals haven't been able to hoist the Lombardi Trophy yet. It feels like a title is closer than ever though.

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The majority of Bengals fans probably don't even know who Craig Carton is and the ones who do won't remember him when the 2023 season gets underway but I'm collecting receipts for when the stripes finally get that elusive Super Bowl championship.