Bengals won't need passports for international travel in 2024

Cincinnati Bengals v Philadelphia Eagles
Cincinnati Bengals v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

International play has become a big part of the annual NFL schedule. In 2024, the league will play five international games in three different countries -- Brazil. London and Germany.

International games provide an excellent opportunity for fans in other countries to get to see their favorite teams and players in person, but they can prove challenging for the participating teams, travel-wise. They can also be a bummer for local fans who lose an opportunity to see their team play in their home stadium when a team is designated as a "home" team for an international game.

Nonetheless, they will likely continue to become more frequent as the league continues to look to expand beyond the borders of the United States.

Bengals don't have any international games in 2024

The Bengals won't need their passports next season. The team won't play any international games in 2024. All of their contests will take place on U.S. soil. The lack of international play contributed to Cincinnati having the second-easiest schedule in the league travel-wise.

Instead of traveling out of the country, the Bengls will also do the opposite, as their schedule won't require them to travel too far, at all. Cincinnati only has one West Coast road game against the Chargers. That will be their longest trip of the season. Otherwise all of their away games come against opponents in the Midwest or along the East Coast.

The Bengals have played two international games in franchise history. Most recently, they lost to the Los Angeles Rams, 24-10, in 2019 in London. Prior to that, they had a 27-27 tie with Washington in 2016. That game also took place in London.

It's now been five years (and counting) since the Bengals played in an international game, so they could potentially be selected to play in one in the near future.