Breaking down 4 best positional groups of depth on Bengals roster

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Running Back

Fans can argue and debate all they want about whether or not the front office poorly managed the running back situation and if Joe Mixon should go or be given one more year. However, one thing they should agree upon is the solid depth in the position behind the former Sooner.

First-- and most excitedly-- is the rookie out of Illinois, Chase Brown. I haven't seen this much hype from this fanbase for a fifth-round pick, aside from maybe McPherson. And for good reason, he's young, full of potential, and hopefully a fix for the position if Mixon struggles like he did last year. He's better than his selection indicates, as the main reason he fell so late into the draft is due to a leg injury he incurred in his last season with Illinois in a game against Purdue.

Brown will get his opportunity to shine as (currently) HB2, but there are still some solid additions deeper in the position. Directly behind Brown is Trayveon Williams, who has been on the team since 2019. While his stats might not say much-- or anything-- at all, Williams has flashed some potential during his time year and even this past season after coming off the practice squad. And that's not even bringing into account some of his explosive plays as a return man.

Behind him is Chris Evans, a player that some fans have been pounding the table for to have more of a role in the offense. Like Williams, he too has flashed some potential since being drafted in 2021, it's just a matter of when-- or, at this point, if-- he gets that opportunity to show what he can really do on the field.