Breaking down the Bengals depth chart at wide receiver after roster cuts

How does the WR depth chart look after roster cuts?
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Trenton Irwin (16) catches a pass at the Cincinnati Bengals NFL
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Trenton Irwin (16) catches a pass at the Cincinnati Bengals NFL / Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

The Cincinnati Bengals made their roster cuts and now their final roster is down to 53 players. While some speculated that the Stripes might opt to keep seven receivers, they ended up keeping six.

Keeping six receivers instead of seven meant that Stanley Morgan Jr. was unfortunately on the outs. Morgan should still end up with the team on the practice squad but it was a tough cut for the team regardless.

With Morgan not on the roster, what does the wide receiver position look like as of now?

Bengals WR depth chart

Starters: Ja'Marr Chase, Tee Higgins, Tyler Boyd

This is easy. The Bengals have the best wide receiver trio in the league and unless an injury pops up or something unforeseen happens, these will be the starters for Cincinnati.

Chase is entering year three after two dominant years. This is the last year the Bengals will have him before they're eligible to extend him, which will be a no-brainer decision.

Both Higgins and Boyd are currently entering the final year of their respective deals. Higgins could end up signing an extension before the start of the season but the same hasn't been discussed for Boyd. This could end up being the final year that we see these three receivers in the Stripes together.

Depth: Andrei Iosivas, Trenton Irwin, Charlie Jones

The Bengals drafted two receivers in this year's draft and both of them made the 53-man roster. Jones projects as Boyd's future replacement and he already took Trent Taylor's previous spot on the roster as a return specialist.

Iosivas wasn't a lock to make the team initially but he was arguably the Bengals' biggest star in the preseason. If one of the big three ends up getting injured, Iosivas should be able to step up and make some noise, even as a rookie.

Lastly, there's Irwin, who was the preseason star a few years ago and has stuck around ever since. Irwin proved last year that he can be a factor offensively so it wasn't a surprise to see him make the team.


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The Cincinnati Bengals might end up elevating another receiver to their practice squad but for now, this is the group we'll see on game days.