2 biggest surprises from Bengals roster cut day

  • Why did they keep that guy?
  • A beloved vet gets cut
Nov 20, 2022; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA;  Cincinnati Bengals helmets on the sidelines before the
Nov 20, 2022; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Cincinnati Bengals helmets on the sidelines before the / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday was roster cut day across the NFL. Now that the Cincinnati Bengals have trimmed their roster to 53 players, what were some of the biggest surprises for the team?

Keeping Trey Hill

You know how every team has a player they insist on keeping around even though everyone else knows the player is no good? For the Bengals, that's Trey Hill.

Hill had an abysmal preseason, highlighted by him committing a stupid face mask penalty that wiped out what would have been a nice play from Jake Browning and Tanner Hudson. With Max Scharping taking more snaps at center, it felt as though the Bengals were going to elect to have Scharping as the backup center moving forward and move on from Hill.

Well, that's not the case, as Hill made the final 53-man roster for whatever reason. Clearly, the Bengals valued having as much depth on their offensive line as possible to try and avoid what they experienced last year.

The sad truth is that keeping Hill means the Bengals had to cut players who could have been contributors for this team, as we'll get to in the next entry.

Cutting Stanley Morgan Jr.

We all knew that there was a chance of this happening due to how much depth the Bengals had at wide receiver but it's still a bit of a surprise given what Stanley Morgan Jr. has done for this team on special teams. Once Andrei Iosivas started balling out in preseason, fans started to wonder if the Bengals would keep seven receivers instead of six, but they decided to stick with six.

There's still a solid chance that Morgan ends up with the team in some capacity once players go on IR or maybe he lands on the practice squad. Still, to say that it was a shock that Morgan was cut by the Bengals is an understatement.

Nothing is official yet, especially with roster cuts just taking place. Still, these were the two moves that had fans scratching their heads the most.


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