Breaking down the best and worst from Joe Burrow in Week 6 vs. Seahawks

A tale of two halves
Seattle Seahawks v Cincinnati Bengals
Seattle Seahawks v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

It wasn't pretty but the Cincinnati Bengals pulled out the win against the gum-chomping Seattle Seahawks. Cincy moves to .500 after a dismal start to the 2023 season. Unfortunately, they're still sitting at the bottom of the AFC North. They received no help from Baltimore and Cleveland who both won on Sunday while Pittsburgh was on the bye.

Burrow is playing much better now than he did in Week 1. It's clear that Burrow's vague calf injury is getting better week by week. The Bengals' offense was firing on all cylinders at the beginning but puttered out and they had to rely on the defense to escape with the win.

So, let's look at Burrow's performance, including the good and the bad.

Worst from Joe Burrow in Week 6

Seven of the final nine Bengals drives ended in either a punt or interception. After starting hot the offense stalled starting late in the second quarter and never found the end zone in the second half. Thankfully his "worsts" weren't as bad as earlier in the season.

Burrow was efficient but not great on Sunday, throwing for 185 yards, two touchdowns, and an interception. The interception was the worst part of his day, which landed squarely on him attempting to squeeze a ball to Ja'Marr Chase who was running down the sideline on a 1-on-1.

It's clear the calf injury isn't bothering him nearly as much, but the Bengals need to find more consistency on offense. Whether it's Zac Taylor's playcalling or just needing to connect on third down, the Bengals can't rely on the defense every Sunday.

Best from Joe Burrow in Week 6

The last nine drives were not prosperous but the first two ended in touchdowns. From the first minute Burrow and company took the field it seemed like they were going to be able to do whatever they wanted.

Burrow is clearly feeling much better, which is good for the offense for obvious reasons. One of them is his ability to create second chances and escape the pocket. Doing so gives Chase time to create space, making their connection better than ever.

One great thing Burrow did that won't appear on any stat sheet on any stat sheet is in the video above. Burrow's second touchdown went to rookie receiver Andrei Isovias. There was a flag on the play against Seattle, while that was being discussed Burrow ran to the officials to ask for the ball.

Burrow wanted to secure the ball for Andrei since it was his first career NFL touchdown and his 24th birthday. It's the small moments like these that you want to see in your leader. These are the uncoachable moments.

The Bengals get a bye next week then a tough few weeks. Hopefully, Burrow can rest and they can't work out those last few kinks and make a run for the postseason.

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