Craig Carton refuses to admit he was wrong about the Bengals

Cincinnati Bengals v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Cincinnati Bengals v Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Douglas P. DeFelice/GettyImages

Remember last week when Craig Carton of The Carton Show on FOX Sports 1 said that the Cincinnati Bengals were "a flawed team" and that the AFC is a two-horse race between the Chiefs and the Bills?

Well, after the Bengals came from behind in historic fashion to knock off Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, his co-hosts on his show called him out on it. Carton still didn't give the Bengals their props and instead tried to say that he never said the team was bad but rather that the AFC was only between two teams and that they're number three. Okay then.

When his co-hosts start saying "No, the Bengals are pretty good!" Carton just laughs it off and then exits stage left while the other two discuss the team.

Craig Carton looks foolish after bashing the Bengals

Maybe the AFC's two best teams are the Chiefs and the Bills but this conference isn't between just those two teams. The Bengals are most certainly a Super Bowl contender now and they've proven it with their six-game winning streak against playoff-caliber teams. What more do they need to do?

No one should really care what Carton has to say but I'm revisiting this because the guy made a stupid comment and the Bengals made him look even stupider with their big win on Sunday. Even when proven wrong, however, Carton couldn't just say "Hey, I was wrong -- Maybe the AFC is between the Bengals, Bills, and Chiefs."

No, instead of doing that, Carton just walked away while his two co-hosts explained why the Bengals are actually a really good team.

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Don't worry folks -- I'll keep you updated on all of the silly things that Craig Carton says so that you don't have to.