Do Bengals fans already think Joe Burrow is the best QB in franchise history?

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) holds the AFC Championship trophy after the AFC
Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) holds the AFC Championship trophy after the AFC / Albert Cesare/The Enquirer / USA TODAY

The Cincinnati Bengals have been fortunate that they haven't fallen into QB purgatory as many NFL franchises have done. Before Joe Burrow, the team had Andy Dalton as their signal-caller for nine years, and before him, Carson Palmer was taking the snaps.

The Bengals also had two incredible quarterbacks during their Super Bowl appearances in the 1980s in Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason.

Burrow has only been the starting quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals since 2020 when he was the first overall pick in that year's draft. He was coming off a National Championship victory with the LSU Tigers and did things during that college football season that we hadn't seen before.

With Burrow reaching a Super Bowl and making it to back-to-back AFC title games in just his first three seasons, it's worth asking if he's already the best signal-caller to don the black and orange stripes.

Is Joe Burrow the best Bengals QB of all-time?

The original poster notes that Joe Burrow is already tied for the number of playoff wins as the quarterback of the Bengals and asks if he should be crowned the best quarterback because of that. What did Reddit have to say?

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I personally have Burrow at #2, surpassing Boomer this year. Ken Anderson is my top Bengals QB. People will look back at his numbers and won't think much of them but when you era adjust, they are very impressive. I think he will overtake Kenny in the future, but I am not ready to say so yet. - u/killagoose

This user still has Ken Anderson as the top Bengals quarterback and old-schoolers would certainly hear this out. Anderson's stats don't pop off the page these days but the 80s was an entirely different era of football where running the ball was the key offensively.

Anderson still played well, passing for 32,838 yards, which is still the most in franchise history. He was a four-time Pro Bowler, one-time All-Pro, won MVP and Offensive Player of the Year in 1981, and was one of three Bengals quarterbacks to lead the team to the Super Bowl. Anderson's certainly a decorated player in Bengals history so considering him as the best signal-caller in franchise history is not crazy whatsoever.

I’d say Joe, Ken, Boomer - u/LoveEffective1349

This is probably the opinion that a lot of fans have. Burrow has done things in two full seasons that not many quarterbacks have been able to do. After missing a chunk of his rookie season due to an injury, he overcame the odds in 2021 and led his squad to the Super Bowl, something they hadn't done since the 1988 season. They came close to making it again this past season too.

We already discussed why Anderson could be the top option but if he's not first, he's definitely second. Boomer Esiason was great during his time in Cincinnati but he's a distant third behind these guys.

I’d say he’s tied for number 1 but needs to do more to distance himself. - u/NYVines

Burrow needs an MVP or Super Bowl MVP before he can really claim GOAT status - u/joestn

These two users don't think Burrow can overtake the top spot in Bengals QB folklore until he wins the big one or an MVP.

One more season like the last two for Joe, and he's number 1. - u/DavisAshura

This Reddit user argues that if Burrow can put together a third-straight successful season, then he'll be No. 1 their book. That makes sense! The team will be losing more pieces than they did a season ago and it'll be the first season after Joey B got paid. Will that make a difference?

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What are your thoughts? Do you think Burrow has done enough to cement himself as the best quarterback in franchise history or does Ken Anderson still hold that title?