Eric Weddle: Bengals "got outplayed" by Ravens, have "zero chance" vs Bills

Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals
Baltimore Ravens v Cincinnati Bengals / John Grieshop/GettyImages

Eric Weddle, a former foe of the Cincinnati Bengals, appeared on the Up & Adams show with Kay Adams and was asked about the team he used to face twice a year when he was a member of the Baltimore Ravens.

Weddle mentions that the Bengals "got outplayed" by the Ravens and notes that Cincinnati's offense was not going to score another point once Jonah Williams went down and the team was without three of their starting offensive linemen.

Weddle didn't just stop there, however, stating that the Bengals have "zero chance" against the Bills. Kay then laughs and jokes that she's uncomfortable with how negative Weddle is about Cincinnait to which he retorts "They can't protect Joe [Burrow]!"

Bengals will prove Eric Weddle wrong on Sunday

Kay brings up a good point to Weddle that the Bills have had trouble generating pass rush to which the former Ravens safety says that won't matter when they're going up against backups on the o-line.

Let's take Weddle for what he is here. The guy does not like the Bengals, having played against them twice a year for the three years he spent in Baltimore. He's not expected to say nice things about them so why would anyone be surprised for him to be a hater in this intervew?

I will agree that the Ravens were the better team in the Wild Card game but Tyler Huntley's fumble was the game-changer and teams need plays like that to help propel them to victory. The Bengals made a big play when they needed to.

As for the Bengals having no shot against Buffalo, all I can do is laugh when hearing that comment. The Bills have not been world beaters over the past few months. Josh Allen turned the football over three times. He was sacked seven times by the Dolphins. The 'Fins only lost that game by three points despite having a third-stringer out there.

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I, for one, can't wait to hear Weddle backtrack when the Bengals come away with a victory this weekend.