How Many Preseason Games do NFL teams play?

Arizona Cardinals v Cincinnati Bengals
Arizona Cardinals v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

The NFL preseason is just around the corner and these games give those players lower on the depth chart and on the roster bubble a chance to prove themselves. This makes preseason games not necessarily must-see television but it's important for those players fighting for a roster spot in the NFL.

Prior to the league adding a 17th regular-season game, teams played four preseason games: two at home and two on the road.

After the additional game came into play, however, only three preseason games are now played. Whichever conference has the extra home game in the regular season hosts only one preseason game in the preseason. For example, since the Cincinnati Bengals get an extra home game in the regular season, they'll have just one preseason game at Paycor Stadium this year.

NFL teams play 3 preseason games.

Removing one preseason game means that we see even less of the starters now. It used to be that the starters might play a few snaps in the first game, a little more than that in the second game, and then a quarter or so in the third game. Starters rarely played in the fourth game.

With that fourth game now removed, starters maybe play one full quarter combined through the three games. Teams don't want to risk injuries to their key players in the preseason so this is why they're not out there very long.

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